Selasa, 01 September 2009


Chiggers. They got me. What purpose do they serve in the bigger view of life - a bite out of my hide doesn't seem to matter much. I suppose they in turn are food for another insect which ends up being food for a snake and on up the food chain.

But I look as if I have the measles.

This week brings some celebrations! Our local library director is entering retirement today and so is her husband. Boy will they learn even more about each other. The house does get a bit smaller when both people are around more. We (happily) bump into each other. Still, there are times....

Speaking of times, today is our 30th wedding anniversary. Now that takes a lot to admit! I'm pleased to reach this point with Ed. The photos we have indicate we'd still be recognizable to people we haven't seen in 30 years - phew. On the other hand, how did this happen? Where to from here?

So, once again, it may be time for a makeover. Return to the days of hippiedom? Sharpen my poetry pencil? Get a job? Move? I'm thinking a kick in my butt to get me spirited and fiesty and adventurous is in order. I just don't know if I can kick that high anymore.

Oh, wait, my butt's not that high...

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