Sabtu, 05 September 2009

Taking To The Road

We were up and out of town like bandits this a.m. Stealing time for ourselves. The dogs were outside, inside, outside again and then dispersed to where each would luxuriate in comfort while we were gone.

Our drive was on the back roads (2 laners) to Nauvoo. Saw some nice rolling hill country in western IL - a treat to flatlanders such as we. Our destination was Nauvoo, over on the MISS-ISS-IPP-I. Luck would have it today was grape stomp festival day but we missed the 10k race. Darn that. And, no one appeared to be stomping grapes at all. Modern day festivals seem to hold on to titles even when they are no longer associated with old activities. There was a big flea market going on and from the road we could tell we could pass it up.

We went around the historic village. Nauvoo, for the uninitiated or unfamiliar, is where Joseph Smith dwelled and where his family remained after he was mobbed to death in nearby Carthage (while in prison there). Therefore, it remains a sacred place for LDS/Mormons and there's a huge temple (re-built in 2002). About every place had something to offer to help pave the way to knowing more about them. We took a tour of the bakery - heard more about the religion than the baking but got a mini-mini gingerbread cooky for our time.

Get thee to the we got confused because the LDS people refer to women as "Sisters" and we knew from people down here that Sisters run the winery. We thought it was Catholic Sisters. Now we don't know and there didn't seem to be a right time or right person to ask. Instead we shared a piece of yummy pie and then went to lunch, proving that life is short, eat dessert first is sage advice no matter what faith you are.

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