Senin, 13 Juli 2009

What Would Be Your Perfect Day?

Suppose you were given a day that would forever have your name on it, this one day in all of time. Whenever you would think of a time you were content you would remember this day. It would be your perfect day. How would you love to spend it?

How often we say "perfect"; it's over-used, just as the word "love" is over-used. They are both filled with expectation. No one person is perfect. I'm not sure any thing is. What may be a perfect fit or match today, be it leftovers in just the right sized container or the right person coming along at the right time, changes. The leftovers get picked over and the container is then too big; the right person still may be the right person but the discovered imperfections often are what really make him/her so.

And, love, let's not even go there. I love fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes. I love my husband. Ummmm, a little difference there, don't you see? Love those _________. Love that __________. It/they are perfect with ____________.

Sound like anyone you know?

Know this: today IS your day. In many ways you will never know it is perfect; you didn't make the day. God made it and He loves you. The rest just doesn't matter, except what you do with what He provides.

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