Senin, 06 Juli 2009

Power Napping

Really great dogs live in this house and yard. And, we have terrific foster dogs. Sometimes all their little clocks get wound too tightly and they get a bit rambunctious but more often than not they behave well, when it's just us here. Visitors are treated to loud, ferocious barking as they approach. It quickly is accompanied by clicking nails and fast-paced scrambling across hard floors as each enters the indoor Ididoran to get to the front door.
Speaking of Alaska...what is the governor up to now? I digress. Back to the dogs, well, maybe it wasn't much of a digression, the Ididoran in Alaska is a dog race.
This past week has been exceptional. I offer that in the kindest of ways. You see, the dogs choose to sleep, whenever they want to sleep, wherever they want to sleep, and it isn't always from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., straight through. We are far from that these days. As I pen this post it is absolutely silent in the house for all 6 are peacefully resting, zonked, not a snore or snort, not a wiggle or woggle among them. And, I'm bloggy-eyed, or is it groggy-eyed, from their night time antics. They shift, they half-dozingly snarl, they vie for the best Nylabone, they pace, and by 4:12 a.m. they are bored so start wondering what's going on outside. Of course they must go see and that means a nudge, a head-butt, a paw push towards one of us.Just look at this baby...
Baxter is representing all of them. I wouldn't dare risk waking them, would I?

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