Kamis, 16 Juli 2009

A Heart for Nature

WESLEY THE OWL is a true story about a girl-to-woman and her rescued barn owl. It has been raved about in many circles, probably more by biologists than us regular folks. One catch phrase stood out after I closed the book. It was the author's identification of "nature deficit disorder". So many people do have it.
We joke about city kids not knowing the real size of a cow or pig or horse. But how many of us these days really hear the songbirds? How many of us know a vole from a mole? How many of us understand we are often the reason for endangered species being endangered, not evolution? How many of us don't accept responsibility for too many domesticated animals and reptiles not being wanted?

Just wanted you to see the perfection in nature. We can draw hearts freehand and we can use graphic programs to create them. Nothing compares to one found in nature. Next time you sense you have a deficit, that your system needs something, think of the heart-shaped nose on this kitty and go out and enjoy nature at its best.

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