Senin, 27 Juli 2009

Bits 'N Pieces of Gratitude

A flower garden asks little and offers much. Some water which is given to us. Weeds pulled if you are inclined. Sunlight which we can't provide. Space, decent dirt, and maybe compost if you have it.

Clearly coneflowers attract.
The outcome is always the same.



We all have wings.

Then there are those who are on their way to garden pleasures and stop by the blue tarp folding area. These critters - what we call the circuit beetle and longlegger - re-defined the tarp's use, making it a rest stop. They moved on after the photo session.

From a distance, and thanks to a yip from one of the dogs, I saw and captured our fawns. Mom was close at hand. Silence was called for because no words were needed.

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