Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

oooouuuuu - ick

There they were, embedded in the morning offering provided by one of the dogs, tapeworm segments. Thank goodness for baggies and latex gloves. The sample was collected and taken in so medication could be issued for the foster dog.

Since the poor girl had heartworm treatments yesterday and today the tapeworm medicaion had to wait until tomorrow to start.

Then I noticed, hmmm, everyone seems to have tapeworm. Whoops.

My a-ha moment arrived. I realized that what I was seeing is sesame seeds, undigested. Yes, I'd given them sesame seed sticks as extra special treats. What goes in does come out.

I confessed to all who knew of my earlier diagnosis, and I returned the meds.

We are worm free. Pause to love!

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