Rabu, 08 April 2009

There Is No Downside

Often we are asked how it is we can foster dogs/pups and if it is difficult to give them up. Ummm, YES. It is difficult. But the great reward comes when you see a critter bringing joy to its new family or owner. When that happens it serves as a reminder that there are more out there to be saved and by placing this loved foster in a forever home we are freeing up a space or two for others to be given a chance.

It's tough to enforce and to remember. We love them all, whether they are here for a few days or a few weeks. We have had the full range of fosters, very young, sick and small to robust, large, mature. Each is a favorite for his or her own reasons. Each teaches us about loyalty, faithfulness, steadfastness, discipline, honor, reward, leadership, (unfailing)friendship, trust, relaxation, playfulness, and love.

We don't go places we would go if we didn't have our own dogs and our foster dogs. Sometimes it seems we are missing an experience, an event, or a site. But we do enough. And, we know when we look around here, we don't miss anything important.

Saturday we faced "giving up" our two fosters, Mia and Boyd. As with all the others, we will feel a little empty and the house will be in less turmoil when they do go. But, there is no downside to fostering. It is a gift given to us. We can instill confidence in a shy dog, train one who needs attention, play with one who never romped before, and allow love to flow between us when the dog is ready. In turn we pass the leash to the new owner with tears of hope and blessings for a long, happy, remarkable life together.

And, now we know, Mia will go to the shelter to meet new people tomorrow morning. In the afternoon, Beatrice will come to stay with us for her post-heart worm treatment recovery time.

There is no shortage. If you feel unwanted or unneeded consider helping a shelter animal.

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