Jumat, 03 April 2009

Airing My Thoughts

Having now confirmed that I'm not the only one who does this, I must ask, why do people make a notation in their own calendars of their own birthdays? Are we all likely to FORGET our own birthdays?

I re-read a book, for the first time in years. Usually it's not my thing. This was DOGS OF BABEL, a novel novel. Gentle. Written by a woman but the main character is male and he tells the story. Of course there is a dog - don't even think there wouldn't be! Regardless, the guy is a linguist/professor and the best sentence in the book, for many reasons, is "I remember my wife in white." It leaves much to be imagined, remembered, considered, questioned.

Yesterday I lost my glasses. Doing so, early in the day, set the tone for the rest of the day. Unfortunately I allowed that and had a pity party wherever I went. Having checked my gym bag (twice), my purse (twice), my jacket pockets (three times), the car in general, the locker room, and the house, I was perplexed. I made that work for me by getting in a bad mood.

Today I put my jacket on to walk the puppy. As I pushed my left arm through the left sleeve my hand grabbed hold of my glasses.

Mind you - I had actually put my jacket on to leave the locker room and that is when I discovered my glasses were missing for I had set them on my jacket initially. They rode around in my jacket sleeve, stayed there even when I took it off and set it down.

Already, today is a better day. I just saved all that money I would have paid for new glasses.

I'm hoping that realization helps me see more clearly and appreciate this day and the next. I'm hoping I'll not need to write down my own birthday anymore. I'm hoping everyone who has a wife remembers her in white and those who don't have a wife remember a special person at a special time.

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