Sabtu, 11 April 2009

Once Upon A Time

Being a foster mom to a 2 yr. old dog and a 12 week old puppy...well, it takes it's toll. Time no longer belongs to the human.

This little ditty may bring a smile to your face. It began long ago and far away, in the land of precocious youth. I was eleven. At that age, we all know the world is ours to conquer.

My friend and I started with the American flag! How I wish we had a copy of our suggestions to then-President Eisenhower. That was before copiers and scanners became a mainstay in every building that has a door. Alas, that document is secreted away in the Presidential museum, no doubt. I have no idea what we came up with or what we were thinking. The often mentioned cousin of mine has indicated this could have been spurred on by the addition of another state. Very likely he is right for Alaska joined us January 3, 1959.

The proverbial cat is now out of the bag; I have been writing for years. There were the necessary letters to stars such as Troy Donahue. That relationship caused some mental conflict for I deeply loved him in a boy-girl way. But he was a bit older, and there was the issue of his real last name being Johnson and mine being Johnson and, well, maybe we were related. So I ceased communicating with him to ease the pain of needing to break his heart someday. I was better off writing to Dwight D. for the connection there was that my grandmother wrote to him at least once a year. Her twins (my dad and uncle) were born on Eisenhower's birthday. So we all sent cards. I am not certain we ever got to the point where we just signed them with our first names, believing he'd remember who we were.

All this memory jogging has me mindful of an urge I had after the election in 2008. When the pups are adopted I may just act upon it. If I do and I hear back from anyone I'll let you know.

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