Senin, 27 April 2009

Monday's Dribble

Boyd, the pup, has moved to New York. Saturday he and I journeyed by auto to Ashland, OH to meet his new people. I cannot make any tourist recommendations on Ashland for we met at 6 a.m. (5 my time). It was dark. I had no reason to hang around with a big hole in my heart so I came home. I'm going to need more than a moment to get past him even though I know he will be so well taken care of and loved. I do have our brood though and Beatrice the Beagle/foster! Listening to LEONARDO'S SWANS I realize we should be calling her Bay-uh-TREE-say. How much more beautiful that sounds and it eliminates have two dogs in the household with long ee sounds at the beginning of their names, often the abbreviations, i.e. Bea and Free now become Bay and Free. Better.
The trip was just 1 CD short of me being able to listen to CHANGE OF HEART by Jodi Picoult (sp). By all means read it! It was the first of her books I've read and now I will be taking the others off the shelf and putting them on the top of the "to read soon" pile! And, when you get to the end, hold on!
Turmoil abounds these days and has hit close to home. Change, speaking of it, is essential and is rarely done without someone being upset. Unfortunately, often the meekest and weakest are most harmed by what humans do. Alas, the times are tough at a place I hold dear. We do not know the outcome of the changes in the making but at this time it is the non-speaking population that awaits the delivery of the impact.
Pray in your own way that righteous decisions will break through amidst the emotional confusion many feel.

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