Senin, 20 April 2009

It's Puppy Breathe Season

A goodly portion of yesterday was spent bottling puppy breathe.

Gee, don't you wish that were true? Who can't immediately recall what that scent is like? Who hasn't heard it said, at least once, that the person who could bottle that would make a fortune?

If someone did the magic would be gone soon, wouldn't it? The joy of lifting a young pup to your face and inhaling really can't be replicated so I don't think we need to worry.

There's more to the experience than just opening up as much as you can and taking it all in. It's tactile - the soft fur on a squirmy, warm body. It's visual - those wondering and trusting eyes looking at you as if you're the best thing that will ever come along. It's the way you feel inside, isn't it? It's joy. Some small being totally loves you and believes in you, even if only briefly, and all it has to give is a panting mouth with a delicious aroma emitting from it!

And maybe, that silly little puppy grin displays itself when your own grin spreads itself, uninhibited, across your face.

If you have a puppy soak up all the puppy breathe you can. If you don't, then just recall the wonder and the reaction to it, by anyone who came in contact with it. (Let's face it. If someone doesn't like puppies they won't get close enough to smell their breathe. And, they aren't reading this blog!)

Lastly, if you need a pick-me-up or have some time to spare, get thee to thy local shelter. The puppies are waiting. But so are the grown dogs who are holding onto their hearts just for someone like you.

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