Selasa, 23 September 2008

You've Got Mail

Today was going to be a "no write" day.
Then, after a full day of APL, Mom, waterproofing the deck, APL, I drive home and see a worthy topic.
There is a princess, perched on the piping that held her family's mailbox. I know she is a princess because she waves to her subjects. Plus, she has her crown/tiara on, in case her subjects mistake her for someone else.
I speed home to get the camera (Darn. I usually try to have it with me.). When I get back, it is one mile round trip, she'd gone inside. Oh, well. The photo wasn't meant to be. Not to worry - I got some shots of a tree fungus right at sundown.
But what the picture in my mind did do was trigger memories.
When I was a child we waited for our parents to come home from work. Sometimes that seemed to take hours, the time between school being out, the walk home, and mom or dad arriving home. And we couldn't wait. We shook with excitement, actually GLAD to see them. We had rituals that included everyone sitting down to dinner together and discussing the day. Oh, my!
Do you remember being asked how your day was, by one of your parents? Wow! The answers you had to come up with to make it worthy. A skinned knee from a bike race, a great record out by Connie Francis, a substitute teacher...oh, it's endless. And, they always were interested in what you had to say.
I can't help but think that today was special for this youngster. After all, she had her crown on her head. But then, isn't every day special?
Wouldn't we all love to come home to a princess at the mailbox, waving madly at us, as if we are the only reason she exists?
Ahhhhhh. I hope her family captured the moment on film. Or on digital. (That just doesn't sound the same.)

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