Sabtu, 20 September 2008

Tripp's Big Day

The day started with a trip with Tripp.
Springfield has a Farmers' Market and the coordinators agreed to let the APL Donation Dogs come down to raise funds. It was Tripp's turn.
He is such a charmer.
He averaged $55/hour! Not bad for a brief gig. It's easy for me. I stand back and let it happen; he does the hard part. He sits to let people put the money in his vest (most of the time). He loves every person who approaches him...well, there was a homeless person who was asking me for money and Tripp was adamant about NOT letting him close to me. Ouch. I think it was the scent of whiskey. Ouch. He doesn't mean it; he's just watching out for his caregiver.
Now, he sleeps.
It is a dog's life.

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