Sabtu, 27 September 2008

The Good Life

We lolly-gagged around TWICE this week. Oh, not for entire days but for hours within each of the two days. Long enough to test the puppy's ability to stay inside and be "good". She's getting the hang of it.

The first day we drove off to the local orchard, one we have watched grow from a roadside stand to a school field trip destination. We know this because we finished up just as the loaded cars and vans were pulling in, students, cameras, and enthusiasm all bundled together for the adventure. We chose to go on our own field trip, exploring southwest of where we were at that point.

We found another orchard. They keep goats. That's so much more fun than just looking over the apples and the jarred jams, jellies, and preserves, pretty as they may be. We agreed goats would be great in our yard. Less mowing required. VERY entertaining.

On we went.

We found a house for sale and drove in to check out the setting. Lovely. Lots of outbuildings. A fenced in area for goats. We wrote down the number to call. (We got the info. We love where we live.)

Our destination was Beaver Dam State Park. Non-Illinoisans need to know we run the risk of having the State Parks and other public areas closed by our governor as a political gesture. So we're going while we can. We didn't see a beaver or its dam but we saw lots more. Picked out the best campsites for our non-existent camper. Checked out the 150 yr old RR station building. Saw the cafe/bait

Wednesday must be mowing day. People in almost every village, and the park, were mowing. We let it slide. We thought about the goats.


Fast forward to today and its adventures. We went to the Farmers Market EARLY and at 10:00 I led members of a reading group to the Convent. I was the IS Mgr there. It's true. Anyway, the group had read BIRTH OF VENUS and wanted to see a beautiful church and there is one there, indeed. I love to talk about "...after I left the Convent..." Heads do turn. But I give myself away by not knowing enough the Catholic faith to uphold the raised eyebrows on those

Anyway, after the tour I swung by and gathered Ed up and off we went to see alpacas, their watchdogs and watch-llamas, and later,cars! What a delightful afternoon. We learned how time-consuming working with the fleece is. The alpacas are a breeze to work with though. They, too, eat grass.

Now we are thinking, goats AND alpacas? And, llamas. We've always loved llamas.

The cars were those whose owners are in town for the Rte 66 Festival-quite the deal in this city. In fact the downtown area was totally blocked off for the fancy cars. See for yourself.

Yes, we put aside the ships of change that will sail from some port after November. We chose to believe life today, this instant is good and we are fortunate and grateful. We are thankful for blessings and trials both. We know the glass can be half empty but we do our best to see it as half full.

We don't live in Camelot but this IS what the simple folk do!

Look at these photos.

This little guy was with a Cobra!
Here's the Funny Car driven by our neighbor, on the national racing circuit. I was part of Web Services @ LRS.

How could the glass be anything but at least half full?

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