Minggu, 21 September 2008

Helen Reddy Got It Right

There are a few blogs I read regularly. At least one disturbs me and one other inspires me. I like being inspired. Isn't it nice? There's a Goethe quote about knowing someone somewhere who makes of this world a garden. That's how this person is. I've never met her. She plants flowers in my garden that otherwise would never grow because we are in different growing regions! But whenever I read her entries I want to write.
I have a friend in MN who brings out the same connectivity even though we haven't seen each other in years. Really. Years. There is another in MO who does so many quirky things I look like a toad sitting still. There are the workers and volunteers at the animal shelter - devotion and sacrifice are their trademarks. And, a cousin in CA who is surrounded by her offspring and their offspring and loves it. These are females. I'm a male-centric female who was surrounded by males in a male-dominated industry so these women are really special. They broke through and reached me.
I moan about and mourn lost friends, gone for a variety of reasons.
Tonight I realize how tied I am to these new and old relationships and how grateful I am for them, how surprised I am by them, what a fool I have been for underestimating them, and how I love them.
I hope everyone is blooming!javascript:void(0)
Thank you. It is time to ROAR!

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