Kamis, 04 September 2008

Mental Puddles

Today we have rain, easy, gentle, continuous rain. It brought with it a breeze, perhaps a tamed offering from the edges of raging Gustav. Since the rain is coming straight down most of the time, and since we have a deep enough roof, the windows can be open. This proves to be a delight.

Do you remember the rain from your childhood? Did you sit and look out the window for hours? Did you snap on your slicker and galoshes and slop through the puddles? Did you rush to the creek to see how much more water was in it and what the movement of the water brought for you to view - leaves, bugs, notes in bottles!? Did you sit in the corner of your closet with a flashlight, maybe even a makeshift indoor tent, and read? Did you make cookies with someone, play jacks or cards or dress up or indoor cowboys?

Whatever you did it probably occupied your imagination and your energy. You may recall how free you felt. Your obligations to be anywhere were few and were probably lessened by the rain. Certainly it offered excuses for tardiness! It is almost as if the rain is a gift to more than the earth; it is a gift to our human character, to our psyche, our inherent and sometimes untapped need to appreciate what this is all about and how fortunate we are.

I've had enough of the "he said, she said" so completely linked to candidates, chair people, spokespersons, talking heads, off-limits family members, pundits, analysts, observers, mavericks and organizers.

The rain has cleansed my mind of any need to dampen my own spirits with dreary recall or to make room for new spins on the same old rhetoric. It has washed away the notion that there is anything new going on with these elections beyond a couple of fresh faces (It is interesting that there is one from Hawaii and one from Alaska - our newest states.). I think we all need to take a breather. And, with that, I confess that I not add to my blog any political postings!

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