Senin, 10 Desember 2012

This week the sweetest reference to an older dog was given to me, oh, on someone else's Facebook posting. It's calling the dog "sugar-faced"! How darling is that? I have three sugar-faced pups myself and just love looking at how wisdom shows up in expressions. Now I see them as having been caught dipping into the sugar bag of life - loving every minute of it. As I sat with them this morning for our early morning pet-a-thon session once again I was reminded of how in the moment they all are, no matter what their age or experience. Dogs love us every moment they have us and we have them. What a joy it is to know that and to feel that.

How do I know? If you have a dog you're not asking that question. If you don't then it is simply this: Look into their faces and see the emotions. Watch how they huddle in to cuddle. They read us better than we read them. It doesn't take long for a dog to figure out a person. 

Saturday's transport was wild in that we had a big boy who had to stay in his crate because he was stressed. It took four of us to balance 130 lbs plus the crate and lift it into the car! He was relieved he didn't have to get in and out and up and down. He knew he could trust us. His face revealed it instantly. He, like all the others, figured out what we this group of humans does is good.

Thanks to all transporters and groups/individuals, coordinators, drivers, shelters, fosters and adopters. Personal thanks to Quincy K9 Connection for the dedication and success they have!

Make some critter's life better; be a pet parent, but do it before Christmas or after, not during the hectic rush! Why wait?

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