Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Dog Spasms or Muscle Spasms - Need Help, Please

OK, I'm writing again. What else can one do when there is a blizzard underway outside, the local TV station, which provides network access, is "out", and one of the owned dogs is having his fit. I don't know what else to call it. Let me carry on and describe it. Maybe someone has an idea.

Tripp, who is between 9 and 12, started gnawing at his "privates" a few months ago. It was ignored and written off as "...we just won't take him in public...". Well, it's gotten worse. We tried allergy medicine - nope. We tried Atopica - nope. He's had urine and blood work done: normal. And, yet, the spasms are occurring closer together.

It's not epilepsy. The vet says it's mild muscle spasms. They are lasting 3-4 hours now. He whines and/or barks for the duration. Eventually his hips start gyrating if we let him go. If we put a hand on him or use the vacuum cleaner, actually vacuum his back, front, sides, he's fine. The deeper into the spasm the more desperate the barks and he begins to pant relentlessly.

We give him calming medicine as soon as we hear the bark that signals a spasm session is on its way.

This is heartbreaking. We want to figure out what it is but no one seems to have a clue. I've watched YOUTUBE videos of seizures and this seems different. He knows what is going on and is very actively involved in it. It gets a bit odd, watching him "in the act" of having this. We know he is miserable. He barks incessantly as if he is trying to tell us something.

We are at a loss. It's getting worse. What was once every few weeks and for a short time has quickly become every couple of days (3 since 12/13) and lasting anywhere from 2-4 hours.


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