Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Two in One

Okay a pre-post note: Our internet service has been upgraded and I feel we have joined the 21st century which we all know is all about technology. Indeed, there are two postings today.

There's another friend in my life who you should know. Her name is Shawn. We have never met. The aforementioned technology brought us together, in fact it was blogs! She's been worse at keeping hers updated this past year than I have but that is not what has made her my friend. She's a special person and tackles monstrous tasks such as re-doing her home and yard, taking up running at a time in life we usually sit back and watch others, and travels with her work and for pleasure. Plus she simply shimmers and buzzes with life.

How do I know this since we've never spent time together? I see it in her writing. It's in the photos of her on FB and in her blog. She thinks positively and holds her friends in high regard. She is accomplished. She is surrounded by action yet is introspective and self-challenging. I greatly admire her.

Since I am committed to the title of my blog, my dogs and cats would love Shawn. She's the kind of person who actually is the kind they think I am!

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