Kamis, 13 Desember 2012

My best friend and I have to do most of our communicating on the telephone rather than in person because we are hundreds of miles apart. Our conversations are always interesting and we both end up laughing till we ache about stuff that we find hilarious in our own strange ways. When she relays stories to me about incidents in her life she uses a prelude to the "punch line", "wait for it..."

Makes me think about all the pets in all the shelters who have to hear that in a not-so-funny way. There they are, day in day out, the lucky ones that is, hopeful that the footsteps they hear bring a person or people who will take one look and fall in love. They yearn to leave the cold surroundings, no matter how many workers or volunteers try to cheer up shelters, they remain cold, as in lonely. They want to snuggle up with someone and give out that extra large sigh of relief that comes when they know they are home. To them, "wait for it" is not good news. It means another day is crossed off; it may mean they run out of opportunities soon. We want to believe their water dishes are "half full" and that it means someone is filling out the forms to complete the adoption! 

How grand that would be! And, with that, what good fortune we have had to be able to help transport rescued pets to no-kill facilities again this year. Although 2012 closes out soon we all give that deep sigh of relief that comes when WE know so many lives are saved. For being able to do this we are thankful.

This past weekend I arrived at our pick up point early enough to go inside and grab something to eat. Lucky for me I found a single banana and that was exactly what I wanted. Not that I wouldn't have plucked one from the bunch but this was easy in a - grab & go - way. OK, it was a sign for me - GET SOMETHING HEALTHY. I took it straight to the self check-out (something creepy about calling it that now that I write it). Rang up my banana for a whole 20 cents, put in my quarter, got my nickel back and wait for it....


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