Sabtu, 23 April 2011

O'Riley and me

O'Riley and I were on our way to the vet's office as I had just picked him up from the person relinquishing him. Odd and interesting story but not one I'm going to tell here. Best news is that he was HW negative, got his shots, appears to be older than we were told, and three days after joining me he is on his way to a new home. A big shout out of thanks to the best vet and staff in the area! Go Rochester!

Before we actually left the "city" we headed southeast on one of the main arteries, and it happens to be one that offers a sampling of all types of lifestyles here. We cruised past this setting and I was fortunate enough to have my camera with me on this particular day. Turning onto a side street I was able to dash out and snap some photos while O'Riley waited patiently in the crate, in the car.

Ironic, someone tore down a church during Holy Week. Left the organ in place, as you can see. I talked to a neighbor a bit. My senses were exploding. I could almost hear the notes being struck and the voices rising from the brick and mortar shambles. "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today", "He Lives", and "Just a Little Walk With Jesus". Off to the right, out of view and behind the tree, is the sign with the message "God Bless America".

Can I get an Amen?

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