Minggu, 17 April 2011

A Day in the Country

Green Grass
Green Tree
Green Barn
My husband's new vehicle has a built-in GPS. Before going any further with this be aware that I'm deadset against them as they are just another means of replacing thinking with some technical gadget. I LIKE figuring out the map, etc. At the same time, if they can provide up to the minute info, well, it helps.

Regardless, we were invited to some wonderful friends' house for lunch today. They finished a home project (which looks great) and were willing to show it off AND cook out. We could not resist. We also would get to see their 3 dogs and meet the cat! It's about 40 miles from here, hard to say, you'll see.

From my 'Blue' Period
 We started out the back country road by my choice. Part way there I found a barn to photograph and we stopped. With this car it's impossible to program the GPS while the car is moving. The passenger must "sit on her hands" apparently. While I was clicking away he put in our destination.

Back on the road we were promptly routed to the interstate. FREAKIN' NO!!!! We ended up going AROUND the town and having to cut back over and then make two phone calls. Thankfully we were given a business to look for as the place to make the final turn because the system wasn't going to tell us to make it.
I'm guessing we actually drove about 75 miles as we were an hour and a half in getting there, counting my 5 minutes of a "photo shoot".

Going home was just as grand. Push HOME. Yeah, right. I'd re-set the program to "shortest route" to avoid the interstate and we had good directions. Our first turn was a wrong one. I suggested and received a turnaround, no problem. When the second one was missed I gave up and decided to enjoy the ride in the country and ask to stop whenever I wanted to do just that.

White Phase

Traditional Red
See if YOUR GPS can find this!

In the end I got what I wanted :-) And, inside one of these barns was a fabulous surprise.

But I'm still going to find a way to shut that GPS O-F-F.

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