Kamis, 07 April 2011

California, here I come

One of my "pet sit" clients is a wonderful mixed breed in a community 25 miles from the center of town and so I have learned to diversify my route, driving the country roads as often as I can. Today was such a day, at least coming back from my visit.

There I am, windows cracked, audio story rolling, stuffing store bought popcorn into my mouth (afraid so) and before me I see what I believe is an oversized wooden wagon being pulled by a bicycle. At the T in the road they went one way and I the other but not before I caught a glimpse of the message on the wagon rear. At least I caught the word "homeless". For another purpose I had my camera with me and was able to remove it from the case, with minimum popcorn spillage, and snap a shot of the wagon.

On I drove. Then I realized I could not let this pass. For one thing, I wanted a better photograph and was daring enough to approach them and get it.

I turned around. I drove. I drove further. I decided they'd pulled off into one of the elaborate homes built in the area and were about to break and enter. Then, over the ribbon of road I saw them. How the heck did they get so far so fast? By then they'd passed all the huge homes, without stopping I must add.

Well, it was not a bicycle. It would have had to be Sampson or Goliath or some comparable bohemeth in order to accomplish that. It was a motorcycle of sorts. I'm not sure what sort other than old. And, I did catch up to them.

We talked. How friendly they were! They are taking the back roads to California. It's him, her, and their female dog, now with her 4 pups. Ah, the dog connection.

Everything they own, right there, piled on top of the wagon. Him riding the motorcycle and pulling the wagon. He estimates 7 or 8 weeks more of this off-highway course. And, they were so cheerful!

Of course, he was in fatigues. Most likely a Vietnam Vet who never mainstreamed once he got back. But when I handed him money and said, "Get yourselves and the dogs something to eat." and he said, "Oh, they always come first." the worlds of differences between their lives and mine vanished.

I can't tell you what to do for others.
I can't tell you what to think of them.
It's tough enough to keep myself straightened out.
I can only hope you know how it is for you.

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