Selasa, 26 April 2011

A Week-ette of Flowery Observations

Kate "Flowers in Her Hair"
Having spent the day in St. Louis, enjoyed a sumptuous meal on The Hill, some friends agreed with my suggestion of strolling around a couple of blocks before heading home. Our last stop was for gelato so we really should have kept walking some more. But the next to the last stop was this amazingly eclectic open-space conglomerate of artists' work areas. For two of it this was the place where ideas are born. The other two were, shall we say, tolerant of our excitement? Ah, but it was fun!
As we piled into the car and headed for the highway we passed the animal shelter, which was not on our list of places to go. But, we came close to stopping to see it for it looked oddly splendid! Knowing there's much to be done back in our area we drove on, somewhat reluctantly. I'd anticipate a return trip to visit and see how things are done there; if any ideas can be brought back and considered in our area.
Back in my own backyard, an acknowledged haven of all things, ranging from healthy weeds, long grass, wet everything, to get out and shoot photos, I opted for the last item. Here's what I'm lookin' at today.
This is actually a groundcover but by getting down into its depths I can get a pretty close shot, filled with light and detail. Loved the buds on the left - tells me there's more to come after these falter.
Irises make beautiful subjects, especially when it's possible to get the rain hanging on and the teensy details showing up. I think there's another shot you'll like, the one beneath this is a small, low to the ground iris with totally different petal structure. It too has the lasting drops of moisture from last night's rain. There's something to be said for all the storms. Gorgeous flowers abound.
I don't know what the delicate yellow blossom is but it is one of my favorites, residing near the driveway and flourishing early in the spring, before daylilies and hostas take over; this plants leaves turn darker in time.

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