Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

What Do You Call...

The Chinese may make the toys kids play with, the dishes we eat off of, the floor we walk on, but they will not be making comments on this blog. I have had to invoke the "right to refuse posting" of comments.

I tell you that because this posting is about a game created decades ago after a huge dinner and a "little" wine, and a long drive home (riding as a passenger). It's corny but fun. We own it. But you can play and I encourage you to do so in the comments section.

Here's how it goes:

First, you either need a map of a state or need to be very familiar with the towns/villages/cities of a state. Often this is the state in which you live. This is the part that could turn this into an educational tool for all you teachers.

Next, the first player thinks up a question and answer and presents just the question to other players. Two or more can play. The question is "What do you call a town where all the residents are little Angelina Jolie's?" In this case the answer is "Joliet" as if they are "Joliettes"...

No body said it had to be anything other than corny and the more groans the better. Of course, proper wording of the question is key. "What do you call a town where all Santa's elves finish this phrase, 'No____.'?" The answer is "Pekin" as in "peekin'" as in ...duh, at the Christmas presents.

And, Whaddaya or whatcha is not acceptable. PLEASE, proper grammar is important. Come up with a few.

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