Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

Ho Ho Ho

...And, I'm not talking about a person so don't report me for an indiscretion in terms of political correctness.

Darn IT. The past two times one of our dogs and I have been out for Donation Dog duty (collecting money for the local shelter animals) we have had WEATHER and plenty of it, all crappy. That means few $$$$. But last night takes the proverbial "cake".

A local politician was to show up to light the tree in front of the Old State Capitol. He did. The event was canceled. The tree fell over. WHY, OH WHY did I not have my camera with me?

What's more, the group which was supposed to sing had few singers show up. They were kids, after all, and their parents were to bring them. Uh, I'm thinking the parents who didn't bring their kids were wise to the probability of it being a wasted trip.

There stood poor Baxter (in his new hoodie, I might add, under his Donation Dog vest) and me, under the generous awning of the Chamber's current office. They are moving tomorrow. Anyway, that's another story. But, all these Magnet School kids and parents crowded under the awning, making it less than generous. They IGNORED our presence and, in old people speak, "carried on loudly". Then the director came along, late I might add. She announced "We're not singing!"

OK. And, this is because....? Well, someone(s) complained and they sang from last year's already wrecked song books, three songs.

That was it. It was pretty painful.

The worst was yet to come. Baxter and I roamed downtown Springpatch for 1 hour and got $20, $5 which was (sucker) mine.

Last week Harmony and I shivered in front of WalMart the night before Thanksgiving for $25, $5 which was (sucker) mine.

I'm thinking tee shirts...

"My owner took me out as a Donation Dog and all I got was a lousy $20."
and for me
"BWS" for Bad Weather Sucker

Other ideas?

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