Selasa, 15 Desember 2009

Tuesday - a Clean Sweep

It's not that I've been away.

I've been cleaning. oooouu-eeey. What have I learned from this?

1. Dogs bring in a lot of dirt and manage to look clean doing it.
2. Dogs bring in even more dirt when they look dirty.
3. We have charge units with no associated devices. Sure as I toss them - well, you know the rest.
4. It's hard to find the good lemon furniture oil in our town.
5. We need a new sofa.
6. It is possible to clean without re-arranging the furniture.
7. Music makes me move.
8. Don't put lids down if you expect to find them and put them on the bottle again.
9. Making a "to go" box should be part of the routine.
10. I will always want to start with dusting and end with vacuuming even if my husband wants to do the reverse.
11. Santa won't recognize the place.
12. You can turn the thermostat down and generate your own heat.
13. By the time it's all done your brain is to fried to think who you should invite over to see it.
14. Facebook can wait.

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