Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Have You Seen________________?

On the front of our house is an angel, the kind the homeowner can leave out year round. We need that too. This is no ordinary angel. It's the "Keeper of Lost Things". We lose "things" a lot. I mean, really, we do.

Then there is always the adventure of finding the missing items. Long ago I gave up trying to do it without sounding as if I am a complete nincompoop. Sometimes I carry on for a few minutes, more likely a few days. Yes, there is the adage, "Stop looking for it; it will show up." Here we tend to go with "Throw out the part you have and the missing part will show up." If only there was a way to toss the in-hand part someplace and fake it being gone.

It would not work; I know. The missing item would show up. The item I did have would be lost. My trip to crazyland would be arranged much sooner if I tried this. Still, if it just worked ONCE...well, I'm not going there.

Right now we are missing the charger for the handy-dandy, battery-powered, portable vac from Black and Decker, purchased a very few months ago from . We had it as I did use it so I am confident it exists in more than my imagination. There needs to be a generic small appliance charger made for folks such as I. Who'll be the first to invent that PLEASE?

What I have learned so far is that the cell phone charger to an old cell phone will not work on this appliance. Oh, and of course, I looked in the place where it was supposed to be, three times; it is not there. That's not to say that when it is found by someone else it won't be put there with a "Isn't this what you're looking for?". And, I have also learned the charger is not in the bag which contains all the other chargers, with labels on them now so I know with what they are associated. Finally, it is not in the office. I know because this was the morning I took the room apart, reworked all the computer cabling (that makes me sound very smart, heh?), and sorted through everything, doing the keep-or-toss decisionmaking.

That would be keep-or-toss of anything that doesn't require a charger.

The angel will not be getting a year end bonus.

BTW, you will note that I did succeed with all the cable uncluttering, dismantling, re-establishing - I'm online, right?

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