Sabtu, 12 April 2008


Life can be so confusing. Yes, it beats the alternative. But in the course of a week so much can happen and yet, so little be done. Perhaps my confusion now comes from a puzzling coincidental collision of the book EAT, PRAY, LOVE with our small group study of religions and cults of the world. We American (not a religion, not a cult, I know) have a great deal to learn and apply. Try has we do to think and believe in a very humble, very uncluttered way, it seems that every nook and cranny fights against us being able to do that. We are busy making things happen and externally it appears that means things are getting done. But at what cost, at what sacrifice, of what importance?

I used to think "that" was the most over-used word, and it may be. Then I thought "love" as the most mis-applied word, and it may be. Now I think "need" is the most exaggerated word. What do we really need? What do YOU crave?

EAT, PRAY, LOVE is far from a favorite book. I don't "get" why she's got the following she has. But parts are brilliantly constructed and there's space enough to read between the lines. She visits places where people have a terrific sense of living and of life. And, everywhere she goes there is nothing close to what we have in this country, not materially, not in freedoms. Yet, these countries' people (perhaps not their governmental authorities) appear justifiably happy, content, respectful, secure, faithful, blessed, appreciative, peaceful. At one point she comments that everyone appears to be working but each person has enough time to stop and greet her as she moves down the path. Shamefully, how many of us even think about doing that.

Her Indonesian buddy instructs, "Sit and smile" as a form of meditation. Look at that word - how close it is to medication! Hmmmm.

Start today. Sit and smile. Smile big. Smile till it touches the inside of you and the tickle you feel stays with you all day.

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