Minggu, 27 April 2008

Ya Think?

Gosh, almighty, is it possible that a person who can get so close to nature can be so frustrated by life's goings on?
This has been such a miserable few days for so many out-of-control reasons. A run like this makes one stop and think. So I do. And, I go take pictures. You're looking at "innertulip" and "barking up a tree".
The tulip is for a friend who died Saturday, at 41, leaving two sons, 8 and 6. Her battle had been long and dreadful so she is in a better place.

The tree bark is for the 115 dogs taken from a mis-managed kennel in another county, all now needing good, caring homes. Fortunately APL has been swamped with offers to foster and adopt. Unfortunately they did not anticipate the interest level and chaos has reigned there for four days.
I have vowed to not use this venue as a venting (oooouuu - 3 V words!) place. Sorry. Briefly, grant me that moment. Instead let's all not forget to breathe as we walk along life's path. Be thankful that Kim has peace and comfort, that her children will be taken care of and although there is a vast hole in their lives they will see routine again. Be thankful that the public, in spite of tough economic times, is responsive and compassionate. Perhaps I am just talking to myself again, at least about these specifics.
Surely you have reasons galore to be thankful. Happy April Thanksgiving! Why not?

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