Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Travels with Becky

Becky in Batavia

Ever notice how anticipating a visit with someone goes on and on and on? When the visit occurs time flies. Well, my best buddy, Becky, was here FINALLY just over a week ago.

I actually took time off from petsitting. I know I know. Hard to imagine. But I did. And, I didn't do rescue transport - Ed substituted for me while Becky and I traipsed around northern and central IL. We had a grand old time. Next will be my trip out to visit her in Colorado. It is with unending gratitude I give thanks for her life and friendship!

We went to Morton Arboretum in Downers Grove, IL, to Geneva, IL, to Long Grove, IL, and to Fabyan Park in Batavia, IL. Oh, and we had breakfast at my parents' favorite place, drove by the home where I grew up (yes, it is still standing), and visited the cemetery where they and my paternal grandparents are buried. This last experience had more of an impact on me than I expected, aka, lump-in-throat. It was a place I hadn't been in a few years and had never seen the stone we put up for my parents.

Funny or not?::::::So as I'm driving around, getting back into the routine, I really concentrate as now I have a 6-speed and it's small. Tough to do anything other than drive and notice how others drive. In two days I saw a woman driving Rte 29 early in the a.m., apparently going to do a presentation for she had her copy of her materials propped on the steering wheel and was either practicing or was also on the cell phone. Yipes. Then at noon the next day, as I crossed from the west side of Springpatch to get back to my home, I was followed by a man brushing his teeth. Yup. He pulled out of an insurance company lot, we stopped for a light and he commenced to brush. Thought he'd be done when we started out again but nope. He was fiercely committed to brushing. Double yipes. What's with this? You just never know who is watching and who will put it in a blog post. I will watch my own driving more, just in case.

Yes, it has been awhile since I posted and I have no excuse. Had all sorts of notes about other spottings and topics of interest to me but then it's not all about me. I know that and continue to work on applying life's lessons accordingly!  In the meantime, as I sort through scraps of paper I know I'll uncover all those topics, reflect, and determine if they are worthy of a post. If they have to do with a strong friendship or critters you may see them evolve!
Till we meet again, here's a few recent photos.

Batavia park

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