Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Volunteering is a Roller Coaster Ride

Yesterday at the shelter was a banner day for us volunteers. We finished a project that had taken us away from the dogs and cats for a couple of weeks and were able to return to loving on them!

There were mini-celebrations all around as we learned three of the bigger, older dogs, each who had been there far too long, were adopted. We'd walked them and others, groomed and socialized several so were pleased they had out into the world of loving homes. Now we could devote time to still others looking to move away from the shelter and into a place of their own.

Consider adopting a dog from a shelter who has been overlooked.

Sadly, we lost a puppy to Parvo. It was unfortunate that the little guy and his sister came in, both afflicted no doubt as it is highly contagious and if one has it the other does too. Treatment was too late for him but we're hopeful his sister will recover. This is a miserable disease which drains a pup. If you have a dog keep everyone away from any dog with Parvo. Learn what the signals out - no appetite for anything, lethargic, obvious weight loss, bad diarrhea, etc. Medical attention - serious medical attention - is needed immediately.

Skip a couple of dinners out and make certain your pet gets proper vet examinations or help.

Next a young person came in to apply for work and was telling us of a friend whose pit bull had 14 puppies. The dad is pit also. I LOVE PITS, have a mixed one now and she's the smartest dog we have in many ways and tremendously affectionate. Unfortunately the world does not need 14 puppies, especially pit bulls as many people still do not see them or treat them favorably.

Find a spay/neuter clinic or go to your vet to have your pets spayed and neutered.

There are many animals transported to new homes by plenty of volunteer forces and this saves lives. Most of these run on volunteer help. Drivers are needed; organizers are angels, caregivers are gems, and receiving people are cherished for taking those who would otherwise be euthanized, mostly due to the economy but sometimes owners just don't want to be bothered anymore. Bothered? Yes. Having a pet is a blessing which comes with needs: feed, exercise, love, play, to name a few. Sure, the schedule has to accommodate the pet. Absolutely the pet wants to do what makes you happy but you have to make that possible. Those of us who drive the pets and deliver them into loving arms see mile-wide smiles and tears of uncontrolled joy.

Get involved.

It does not take a lot to help. I hear so often that people cannot afford a pet and frequently they are saying this while spending money thoughtlessly.
Not eating out at a mid-range establishment, just 1 time a month, could buy a nice sized bag of food for cats or dogs, to be donated.
The price of a tee shirt at a chain store or online can be $12 to $35. A donation of that amount to a shelter will buy medicine.
Manicures and pedicures are how much? $$$ which can pay for a spay or neuter or go towards keeping a shelter cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Repeat tickets to a sporting event and the expense of getting there and being there could buy fuel for transporting 30-50 animals on one weekend.

It isn't the economy alone. It is OUR decision making. We - and I include myself - focus on ourselves, here, now, right away. Our satisfaction is fleeting though. The feeling we can each have from doing something good for those who cannot help themselves is beyond description. But people will see it in your step and on your face, and you will feel it in your heart for a long, long time.

Do good things.
Choose to help regularly.
Take a friend along.
Feel the joy!

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