Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

That Time of Year

This year you will not find me posting photos of the State Fair. Ask to see the movie - it's an oldie but you'll get the feel of a fair as it should be. It's not that I am not going for I am, 2 or 3 days. And the weather is terrific finally. The camera is just not going with me. How many photos of inappropriate eating should I really have? How many piglets and chicks will hold still and be in good lighting? How many cranky and tired babies have parents willing to let their photos be taken and posted? (Smart to say no) All the same, the Fair is fun!

My husband tells me this year's taste delights include a hamburger which has glazed donuts in place of the bun. Then there is the returning chocolate coated bacon. I assume the bacon is cooked then dipped in chocolate. I think bananas dipped in chocolate are fine but bacon? Really? All sorts of words and phrases come to mind. Since this is a pubic format, let's go with "How's that workin' for you?" and "I'm just sayin'." Use your imagination for any others.

Of course Capitol City rolls out the red carpet for the length of the Fair. It extends way beyond what the public gets to see - there's a lot of getting ready for the Fair. Plenty of the animals arrive early and get settled in so they are comfy (they bring their huge fans) and in familiar settings when judging takes place. Vendors start to pull in with their wagons of lemons for shake-ups, salt water taffy in take-home tubs, elephant ears which I think have gone PC and are now a version of funnel cakes, and are annual caloric chartbusters. The butter cow moooooves in along with extremely expensive ice cream. Frankly last year's cow was not up to Illinois standards. Hopefully it's all about the cow this year.

My point is that the Fair raises the level of activity and excitement which provides an additional level of entertainment for us locals.

If you've never been to a State Fair you're missing a really grand experience. Whether it is to see the ornamental/exotic chickens or the ornamental/exotic "chicks", the tractor pull or the tractor drivers...get there. It's true - something for everyone is at the Fair!

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