Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

UKC - MVDT Rally Competition (Bob & Brew)

Bob (1009) and Brew (1053)
competed in a UKC Rally competition. First off, the UKC courses are much more difficult than the AKC courses at least the ones I've competed in. This was good as I felt challenged. Saturday's performance was not so good - Bob got a 77 (his nose on the ground and all over the place) and Brew NQ'd because of handler error (that's because of me). On Sunday, they both did much much better - Bob got a 94 and Brew got a 96. They both watched me throughout the course with only an occasional sniff here and there.

So Bob has 2 legs and Brew has 1 leg towards their UKC RO1 title.

This is the course

Brew's Run

Bob's Run

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