Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Is the Doctor In ... or Still Talking on the Radio?

At night the radio is on here. It started by being a way to cover a dog barking at whatever goes on outside in the wee hours - "wild" critters passing thru the yard and such. Now I'm hooked. It's not that I am awake all night but sometimes I'm alert for an hour or two.

Last night was such a night. Two doctors were on and they were talking about voltage and medicine. Huh? Electric shock? Well, not exactly but there was a discussion about thyroid and something about sticking a gadget from Radio Shack in his mouth to measure voltage after the unit he had broke. On the web sites these two docs have there's charts and some verbage about voltage being healing. The one from AZ is more chronic pain and sports injury. The other one, from CA, is homeopathic and, in his own research, has connected dental problems to other problems and that caught my attention for I've said that myself.

There were exchanges on dead tissue and bacteria and how streph infections spread - another area of interest for me since we went thru Ed's ordeal with one three years ago. It about killed him. We were going to change the name of the hospital I would then own because he got the infection there. I digress.

The point is these guys were focused on how one thing leads to another - all the health issues are connected. Duh. We should all understand that. It's one body trying to work as a whole not a bunch of dissociated parts.
This is way off target for me but I did find it interesting.

Consumers or late night radio junkies started calling in and revealing the dangers of anti-persperants and toothpaste. Hmmm. I we could all stop using those but it would have to be EVERYONE, no exceptions. Are YOU in?

http://www.tennantinstitute.com/TIIM_MAC/Welcome.html - lots of charts!
http://www.21centurymed.com/ - he gets $300/hour but I think that's the office visits not reading his web site

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