Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

halfway to a new kitchen

UPDATE: The earring mentioned in the previous post has been found and not by picking through anything! HooRAH. That means Baxter has only consumed one earring in the past year and a half. Concern was growing that the metal in his belly would soon start weighting him down. As a pet lover I need to be more aware of his unusual tastes.

Have I mentioned the kitchen is being re-modeled? Oh! Not just new appliances - the entire room is M-T. Nothing but the diagram on the old floor showing where things will be someday. We are walking around the island and past the cupboards drawn on the old floor with a Sharpie. That's my tip for you when you re-do a room. If you can clear out the old and draw in the new, do it and live with it. Maybe not as long as I am needing to but try it out and see if things are as you imagined. You may find, as we did, you need to make a change or two. As I've said during other situations, if we weren't involved in it this would be an interesting study to do, and then humorous paper or book to write. We're not skilled enough to do it ourselves so I admire the accomplishments as they occur. I was really oblivious to how dated it was so had little interest in it. Yes, I missed the kitchen genie gene! There's no doubt it will be fantastic, someday. Till then we have "kitchen" in every room.

Here's the work crew, on break  Oh, I'm kidding, of course. Somewhere in this is someone I'm related to probably - who knows? Writing on the back of pictures was not a habit anyone in our family had. I'm doing my best to maintain that habit. Keep anyone related to any of us guessing.

The point of the photo is to illustrate how people used to dress to go to work. These are not business office administrative staffers but outdoor workers. It makes me appreciate today's relaxed dress codes. Need I say this is pre-air conditioning? Wow.

Speaking of A/C I finally cranked it on this a.m. The workers should be thrilled today when they come inside. It's not that I didn't want it on. It's not that I didn't think it was on...The control/thermostat is tucked behind the china cabinet (bad move) and I thought I reached back and turned it on but was actually turning it off. My tolerance for heat is above average. All right. All right. Criticize me for poor home management. I'll be stopping by YOUR glass house soon. Get my drift. The A/C is not something I like much. But for these guys I've now got it going and even dropped it a couple of degrees. Maybe that "someday" for the finished kitchen will be a reality! After all, who wants to be called a kitchen bwitch?

I could bake some cookies to show my appreciation. Wait. I'd need the oven to do that. Whoops.

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