Selasa, 06 Juli 2010

Don't Be Depressed

Can you count an earring lost if you know you last saw it in the bedroom and have a very strong suspicion that, if you look diligently, you will find it in the fenced in yard, having been "transported" by one of the dogs? I think in this case, yes, it's gone. It was pretty small and even though it is gold it probably won't be so shiny as to be seen. Ah, well.

Then, there's the long-owned, nicely broken in brown huraches that slipped on easily and worked well in creating happy feet. It's useless to wear just one so after they suffered irrepairable damage they moved on down the road. I suspect the same critter. Could he be unstable? Ah, well, again.

Yes, I should have put the shoes on the shoe rack. He seems to ignore them there. As for the earring, I COULD have gotten up in the middle of the night and put them away once I awoke from rubbing my ear and having it come undone. I did put it on the nightstand. Can I have one point, please? Just one?

We're out of bananas. I love bananas. It's hot, humid, looking stormy, and I need to go get bananas. I could do that if I had earrings to wear and errand shoes to put on my feet. As it is I'll probably manage to get there but not feel "like myself".

These three things are minor and it will be easy to get past each of them. No. Big. Deal. But then, I turned on the television. Am I on some sort of self-destruction plan here?

The news was on and I realized a few weeks ago that I have no clue what is going on globally unless someone tells me. We don't get the paper and I rarely watch TV news. I do catch up on the the hot topics associated with all night coast-to-coast radio. I digress.

It turns out that depression has been identified as causing dementia. 

We can always count on the news, which I have discovered hasn't changed. It is all the depressing stuff about deaths, accidents, drugs, missing people, weather problems, Lady Ga-ga eye contacts, political tirades. The little household goof-ups aren't depressing at all, just frustrating and forgetable, and LAUGHABLE. But, the stuff in the news is different. Shouldn't the news broadcast teams realize how reporting all the depressing news is irritatingly, well, depressing. I think I'll just turn it off again. I'd rather be considered crazy because I can laugh at life than subject to dementia because I'm weighted down by what is dumped upon me by a talking head or two.

Today be grateful for something in your life - at least one thing. It can be as silly as being able to post a photo on a blog in which you are wearing (now baggy) jeans and shoes you once loved.

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