Senin, 15 Maret 2010

What Can You Make of This?

A few years back, when really nice cards cost about $1.95, I bought one for myself. No, I didn't mail it; I just wanted what it said. It was from the "Life & other Journeys" series from the privately held card company, based in KC, MO.

Anyway, it was during a time when I was juggling philosophies and passions. The front "title" is TEN THINGS TO MAKE BESIDES MONEY and on the front also were the words "Merry", "do", and "sense". Inside were these words: "amends",  "peace (as a symbol)", "waves", "room", "time", "love", "believe".

What can you add?
I chose to add a few:
"up", "out", "cookies", "better", "change", "nice", "good", "right", "history", "ends meet", "memories".

I guess make "smiles" happen needs its own place!
Toss yours into the comment box!

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