Senin, 01 Maret 2010


Making up words is fun. Quite some time back I made up what sounded to me to be a perfect title to claim and put on a business card. Gave it to an associate with "permission to use". Probably didn't happen. That's OK. I'll use it - my name, followed by "Eclectician".  Definition: A person who deals with eclectic  "stuff" which is basically using various sources or not following one system. This is commonly known as thinking outside the box. There's another noun for it - an eclecticist. That one is in Mr. Webster's unabridged book. So I know mine is a made up word or it would be in there too and it is not.

Now I put together blopics. You can figure that out to be blog topics. I got tired of writing notes titled Blog Topics.

A new word has to sound right. Remember that from 8th grade English when poetry was studied? Onimonapia, a word Webster removed from the aforementioned dictionary. I think blopics does. It sounds like what it means. Drop in, leave an essay, a statement, a piece of one's mind.

Maybe I need different business cards: my name, followed by "The Big Blopper".

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