Rabu, 24 Maret 2010


It would not do to be spied by acquaintances so I left my old pair of sunglasses on during this trip. I flew in from points unmentioned, just to flutter around and pun-ish my friends and relatives.

Here's a true instance of "Life is too short". I left my wings parked at this place but a restless night has me convinced I need to go get them. My plan is to put them on and walk down the street. Maybe I'll get the green hair in the earlier posting too.

Why not? It's $15 of entertainment for me and whoever sees me. What can you get for $15 these days? Plus, think of how it will be passed along at the dinner table. Do people still have dinner tables and use them?

Him: "Guess what I saw today, Gorgeous."
Her: "Another tool you can't live without."
Kid: "A video game I don't have."
Him: "Neither. It was a green haired angel walking down the street."
Her and Kid: "uh-huh"

Either I'll bring back "family time" or it'll die altogether.
That's the angel angle.

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