Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

It's a Fair Shot and Then Some

The other day I saw Thomas spelled Taumus and I liked it. That's how my brain works. So you'll forgive my indulgences with the camera and twisting the words to caption the images. If not, well, don't look.

"Welcome to Springfield" - this guy has no idea what his future holds. He was laughing it up and entertaining us, glad to have an audience.

The Fair is for everyone and those who come to make it happen have to keep busy and eat right so they stay alert. Note - Uno, oreo, and soda pop (soda for some, pop for others - this is a global application).

Sometimes the kids have to be above it all. It's kids' play.

The fine china - set out for company, near the pork barns. Isn't there a China something pig?

Speaking of the little porkers the creamy colored one is a rascal. Meet Little Buttinsky who later pees in the food bowl and admonishes us if we consider being tattle "tails".

Before one sets out to visit the Fair one must have all his/her ducks in a row. You never know how long you'll want to stay at the Fair.

Get really close. Maybe you'll hear this little guy crying out about the sky falling. Who says the Fair isn't political?

This was interesting - a tail hairpiece? The note attached says "Do You Dare?" My hubby thought that meant don't touch; I wondered if it was a dare to others about adding to your horse's tail before competition. Notice the horse appropriately has presented its back end.

Graceful ride

This is really what the Fair is about. Every year we look for the babies.

There comes a time when visitors mistake pre-Fair jitters for napping.

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