Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

Everything Old Is New Again - it's an all skate or a singalong

Yes, I cheated on my cell phone, the old one. I put it aside and tried out a good-looking, fast action phone. It drove me nuts. I found I was able to go without rather than live in an unsatisfying commitment with this new gadget that decided for itself whether to pay attention to my needs or act like I wasn't touching it.

It got what it deserved: returned. And, my old phone was willing to take me and my SIM card back as long as I promise to plug it in so it will re-charge just a bit more often. Everyone is happy again. Sometimes it is sweet to have the comfort of a known relationship.

Which leads me to confessing our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up. How does that happen? It DOES seem we have been married at least 5 years but 30? EGADS. Does this mixup in recognizing the years have passed mean I'm going to start confusing other things too? Oh, not counting the phone incident, please. That was more incompatibility than confusion.

So what does a happy couple sans children but loaded with pets do as a celebration? Ummm. The "mister" is working that night, in his newly found job as a community college instructor. He's growing his hair - sticking to the plan. I'll make a hippie out of him yet. Maybe we'll get his ear pierced as his present to me. As my present to him I will stop telling him to get his ear pierced.

What will I do that evening? Well, we've fallen into yet another TV pit - watching HGTV. Fortunately we are not in the crowd that can claim hundreds of viewing hours but if I had a crystal ball and looked into I might predict that we're headed there. We are intrigued by a number of sociological observations and that's what keeps us going back. Uh-huh.

But moreso is the House Hunters International. Last week we were moving to Spain. This week the country of choice is Nicuragua. I think I should have to spell that correctly before I'm allowed to move there. You can bet that after the show ends my loving partner is on the internet looking for homes for sale.

Ya know, I'm darned happy in my old log house here. The dogs are content to call this home and so are the cats. Packing them up and moving - not all that appealing. And, I won't own two homes, just won't. So I couldn't pull the cell phone routine with houses and "go back". This house has served me well. I'm staying.

It should be good news to my husband. I'm darned happy with him. The dogs and cats are content. He has served me well. I'm staying!

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