Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Arthur Who?

My Texas cousin, about whom I have reported at other times, keeps asking who the Arthur is I mention in emails to him. It'd be Arthur, IL., duh. We went there on a free day - free in the sense that we ignored any personal chores, had no outside obligations, and decide to take advantage of what we thought was to be a rainy day and meant no yardwork.

It was a gift. The weather was perfect.
We lingered. We strolled. We observed. We drove. There was nothing spectacular about what we did yet just doing it and using our senses made the day spectacular.

There was time to go to Sullivan, a community near Arthur, famous for Little Theater on the Square. Only one "star" name was recognized - Dick Van Patten's. So much for fame and fortune foundations in central Illinois.

But, speaking of theater and foundations, we ate at Jibby's (owned by the apparently famous "Trading Spaces" host, Doug Wilson). I had to Google him to get info on him; I like his hair, thus the photo. Ed fans be aware - I'm encouraging him to let his hair grow like this. So far so good, just not curly.
Note the decor. They've made the place over temporarily, to promote "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" at the theater. For those of you who burned all you had back in the 60's, those are bras.
Can I write "whorehouse" on a blog? Yes, but, will there be questionable visitors if I put that word in as a label? We'll see.

This one's titled "Butt Wait There's Mower" ... as in I have to go use the mower and will ride to blog again!

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