Rabu, 04 Maret 2009

Sometimes the heart breaks a little

There were some great adoptions from APL this past weekend which meant that dogs waiting to come in (aka being returned) could arrive.

"L" is one of those. Adopted as a puppy everyone thought her life was "golden". But no one worked with her and she didn't get attention. She developed fears and anxieties and aggressions. Of course, two years later she's not wanted. Someone will work with her and turn her around; I know. She was responding to me the first two days so she's wanting to be loved and loving.

Then there was "R". Instead of being parents and telling the teenager he is responsible for his dog this family just brought the dog back to us, again, after he'd been neglected and ignored for over two years. We couldn't keep him as he was too out-of-control. The owner came to get him. She said she'd take him to training. Let's hope.

It's rarely the dog's fault. We all know that. Don't let me write about you. Work with your pets. Get yourself trained!

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