Selasa, 31 Maret 2009

Dog Dynamics

The posturing and gesturing and signaling in the dog world, when a new buddy comes to the house, reveals a wealth of information regarding social structure and each resident's peace of mind.

Enter: Boyd, the plain brown puppy. Yes, he has the little bulldog bow legs. Very appealing. Even with sharp teeth and a desire to test everything for taste and texture - tails included, he offers no threat to our crew. The impetuousness of youth and the wily charm must filter out the agonizing nip-and-jump routine which sometimes puts a questioning look on our adult pooches. We trust they find him entertaining and perhaps they reflect back on their own puppyhood.
The more we learn about dogs the more we know we still don't know. They are wise and intelligent. They have a firm grasp of what is important, what matters and what to let go of because it's insignificant.
And, they are in charge.

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