Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

Coffee With My Cousin

Practically every morning my TX cousin and I sit at our respective PCs and exchange emails. Sometimes we are on-line at the same time which is fun. We wouldn't use Facebook for this - it lacks the intimacy factor, even with sending messages just to the person. I predict that Facebook is a flash in the pan and at some point will be faceless and pointless. However, enough of this digression. He does read the blog and would quickly put me back on the topic.

Swifty (his saga-writing name) and I reveal family secrets, of sorts. These are innocent comments which come out often in frivolous exchanges but tend to identify how much alike we are.Just as frequently we see how unalike we are!It is great fun and very good for me, an only child who could explain at length what is missed when a person grows up without siblings...and the impact it has on dealing with people! Whoops, another digression.

Why post this? Well, it is a good day to write. We're into a new season of "Dancing With the Stars", which we both watch and then hash out. It's almost gardening/landscaping season and there's plenty to discuss. Our political views are not always close.

More than those and other topics though, it's just important to have the confirmation and reinforcement that comes from sitting and shooting the breeze with someone. We both admit how much this has come to mean to each of us.

In today's world the local coffee shop has gone global. That's not so bad.

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