Selasa, 09 Desember 2008

Such a Day

Good Grief. Where is Charley Brown to make that declaration?
First the "good": Illinoisans have had a busy day, starting with the wake up call to the governor @ 6 a.m., made by the esteemed Patrick Fitzgerald, Federal Prosecutor. AMEN! The FBI was at the front door of the governor's Chicago home, ready to arrest him. You've heard this already; it's all over the news.
So what did we do? We went shopping and I got new gloves and sox. waaaHOOO. I have a thing for sox. One year I was writing LOTS of poetry and vowed to wear red sox all the time when I was reading and writing. Then it dawned on me that red is a "stop" color and might inhibit my creativity so I deemed the next year was a green year.
Never happened. There aren't enough green sox in the world.
I digress. No surprise there.
But the grief part of the day came towards the end and it's very minor and very personal. The people who met Zeke at a store on Sunday have placed an adoption application for him and been approved so I am taking him to meet their dog Thursday. I just wasn't ready.
Now is the time I chant a lot: If I don't do this I can't foster another and get a good home for it. If I don't do get it.
Somehow this will be for the best.
Even though I love this dog.
Even though my dogs love this dog.
He will be loved at his new home too.

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