Senin, 15 Desember 2008

No More Side Street Parking of Houses Allowed in Springfield

The Maisenbacher House, previously blogged, resides now on a frame built in a hole on the lot it will occupy forevermore. The foundation is still on the "to do list". But the house is out of the road. Hopefully now the company that moved it can head out east to their next job and Court and Karen can go forward with whatever is next. The saga of the house was gearing up to be a top story for Spfld. Then the governor came from behind, raced to the year end's finishing line, and left every other story at a standstill.

We surely do get riled up over some small stuff at times. Hot Rod (governor) has taught us nothing if not that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. And, getting our community undies in a bunch over this house was the small stuff. Big Boy, Elvis, Jr., Hot Rod, The Hair - now he's worthy of some close attention. Keep your fingers crossed that he ends up in the Big House, and I don't mean this one!

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