Jumat, 05 Desember 2008

It's Open Mike Friday

There's no sense in posting a photo of the house; nothing has changed. But, if you are coming to Spfld to see it, please stay at the Inn. www.innat835.com. It's worth it - great amenities, etc.

In the meantime, the radio flogging has not ceased. There's a local show that identifies who local locos think is the biggest idiot of the week. Never is there a shortage of candidates because nominees can be from anywhere. Regardless, this week the city administration, the alterpeople, the county board, the house's owners, and Lincoln, himself, were all nominated. Lincoln was the most creative option although he did not win, in this case he was only voted for twice. The reason he was considered was that he was the reason this house was being "saved". If he had not lent the money to these people in the first place then Springfield today would not have the mess it does on its governmental hands.

So there. That's how we think and what we think about in the state's capitol/capital (you will see it spelled both ways here and sadly, mis-selected for application but I wanted to give equal time to each spelling, and maybe fit in a little myself). OH, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!

If you act now you may see a www.youtube.com video somewhere showing our esteemed governor behind the governor who supposedly commented, "She's perfect for the job. She has no life." about the Homeland Security nominee. I think - Ed Rendell? I'm going from memory. I gave up trying to find it. And, top that off with the same governor was apparently audio taped during phone calls, by the feds, as part of the investigation they are doing. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-feds-blagojevich-05-dec05,0,3382775.storyWord on the street is there will be something before Christmas that is more substantial to report. When he goes to prison he will be governor #3 who has held the title then done the time. We do know how to pick them.

Although, I must admit, I really liked Dan Walker. His advance man was my neighbor. Walker took Rosen, me, and his family jug fishing on a small lake. Rosen and I took the kids to the movies. It was fun and he was a seemingly decent guy at the time, plus he was good friends with Jimmy Carter. Save your breath; he may have not been a popular president but Carter is extremely intelligent and has a very giving heart.

Find that in politics very often anymore? We must hope we'll see it again, soon.

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